Oracle card readings

Namste,  and very warm Welcome to Eternal Wisdom, a branch of Eternal Aquarius.

With being a Reiki Master and Teacher, and having a connection to the Angel realm, I feel from time to time we all need a little guidance or help. 

Oracle cards are and excellent method to receive guidance,  understand situations and relationships.   They can assist, give us a prompt or idea, or show another direction, we may be better suited to.

They are a time honoured way to connect with Angels and Spirit guides. 


Angel cards are completely safe, as they only attract loving energy.  If you got as far as here, maybe you've been guided to this place? 

Maybe you've got a question or need answers?

Take a look below as to how I can help. If your feel none of these options, help, why not contact me anyway? A problem or question shared is always a start.


In order for a reading to take place I'd appreciate the following :~

1. Choose a pack of cards from the list below

2. A Question - ie What is it your asking the Angles to guide you with ?

3. Your First name and date of birth.


Step One .............................Chose your Cards

Angels of Light - by Dianna Cooper

Daily Guidance from your Angels - by Doreen Virtue Ph.D








Daily Guidance from your Angels - by

Doreen Virtue Ph.D
Messages from your Angels - by Doreen Virtue Ph.D

Mermaids and Dolphins - by Doreen Virtue Ph.D

Angel Therapy - by Doreen Virtue Ph.d

Archangel Michael - by Doreen Virtue Ph.d

Step 2 .................................Your Question

In order for me to perform a reading I'm going to need to know what to ask the Angels. 

It can be anything at all. 

 - Relationships with friends , family , lovers, soul mates. 

 - About healing and finding peace after a loved one has passed away. 

 - It could be career orientated. Or it could just be .... what direction in my life should I be heading ?

 - However I assume you already have a question that's why you've arrived here at this page.

Step Three  ..........................Your Name And Date of Birth

You maybe wondering why I require such information.

~ It helps me to connect and assists me with the reading.

~ You don't have to use you real name,  a nickname or alias will be absolutely fine.

~ I would however appreciate your real date of birth

This can be filled in via the "contacts page" as it will come up with a list of check boxes for you to submit all the above information.

then please go to the Oracle Reading Store to purchase the card reading which will direct you to the pay pal website

All readings can be purchased safely and securely through the secure online payment service PayPal.

What Happens Next.

I will perform a reading for you, and Email you with pictures of the cards in the reading and all the details.

Please feel free to contact me. I'd me more than happy to answer any further questions you may have.

With love and light 



x x x

Due to recent changes in Government Legislation,  I am obliged to state that all readings are for entertainment purposes only.

I personally have a very different view.

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